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We have been super busy in the workshop these past few weeks. A lot of our business comes from sourcing items for customers and a lot of you wanted chest of drawers or large farmhouse cupboards! Our hands are stained, scratched and full of splinters – but we know it will be worth it! I […]


The countryside is currently brimming with lush green fields, vibrant flowers, and tall trees providing a picturesque backdrop. The clear blue skies and soft sunshine create the perfect setting for outdoor activities. Breathing in the crisp, clean countryside air is a pleasure in itself. The absence of pollution and the scent of wildflowers or freshly […]

How are we being more sustainable?

We believe that our actions must be responsible and respectful to the environment, society, and economy. For this reason, we implement sustainable practices in every aspect of our business operations- from sourcing raw materials to product production and disposal. We choose to use eco-friendly and biodegradable products, minimize waste, and reduce our carbon footprint. We […]

Spring is here!

We absolutely love spring. It is one of our favourite times of the year. Living in our farmhouse offers a sense of peace and tranquillity as it is surrounded by vast landscapes and greenery. We wake up to the sound of birds chirping and fresh air that fills your lungs as soon as you step […]

Home Life

Hello everyone! We hope all is well with you. Home life – we don’t really share a lot on social media as we like to keep things fairly private. However quite a lot of people on our social media like to ask questions, whether it being about paint samples on our home, furnishings or they […]

Our New Roof

I cannot believe I am sitting here writing this. We have a new roof! (well, it’s almost finished!) For the past 2 years, we have prayed that we will be able to get a new roof for our showroom and now it’s finally happened!It’s happened all quite fast, but we are so grateful!The builders have […]