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I cannot believe I am sitting here writing this. We have a new roof! (well, it’s almost finished!)

For the past 2 years, we have prayed that we will be able to get a new roof for our showroom and now it’s finally happened!
It’s happened all quite fast, but we are so grateful!
The builders have done a fantastic job, not only have they spoken to us about the process but they have explained to us just how different it would make the space feel – and they were not wrong!
Even they are shocked with how much light we have coming in.

So after working alongside cleaning, sweeping and having scaffolding everywhere – we can finally say we are almost at the end!

It’s really important to have as much ‘natural’ lighting as possible for photos. You can spend £1,000’s on lighting kits and cameras but nothing will beat natural lighting.

To say we are getting a lot more light in the showroom is an understatement. It’s brighter in the showroom than it is outside at times!
The only down side of having so much light being poured in is that we desperately need to figure out where we are going with our ‘white theme’ in the showroom as it’s highlighted a lot of grey looking patches and some areas do not look white anymore!

We done a poll on Instagram stories and asked our followers what colours we should have in our showroom.

The results were :

  • 33% said to paint it white again
  • 24% said to paint it green
  • 9% said to paint part of it black
  • 33% said to leave it as it is

We absolutely love hearing feedback from our customers. It’s vital to us, as getting other peoples perspective and opinions is really important for us to grow as a business.

However, although we absolutely love the ‘white washed look’ unfortunately so many people have done this. This has become really common, especially with added foliage and especially in the business we are in. When we started doing this at the beginning, it was quite different and it was a ‘different look’ that really worked for us. And for us that was our priority – to stand out.

Instead now, we are looking at the other options that was shared on our poll, and the next idea to go with was the colour Green.

I, myself, am a HUGE fan of green.
It’s actually my favourite colour!

So when I popped it on the poll and 24% of you voted (along with a few extra messages saying that they really thought dark green would work!) I jumped at the chance of looking at ideas for the showroom.

I am in the middle of trying to persuade everyone else that it would work – but the question is …..

Paint the walls or the floor?

Next stop… paint samples!!