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The countryside is currently brimming with lush green fields, vibrant flowers, and tall trees providing a picturesque backdrop. The clear blue skies and soft sunshine create the perfect setting for outdoor activities.

Breathing in the crisp, clean countryside air is a pleasure in itself. The absence of pollution and the scent of wildflowers or freshly cut grass is heavenly. I really wish we could have more sunny days here in England but we all know that it never lasts! We try to soak it up as much as we can.

Summer in the countryside means an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. Farmers’ markets offer a chance to taste and purchase locally grown produce. If you have a farmers market near you, please go and support them! And I promise the produce is a lot tastier than the supermarkets.

We have been quite busy in the showroom this week, putting ideas together as we want to change it up a little in there.  Although we do love the ‘white’ as the main background/backdrop colour, many other businesses are doing this and we always strive to stand out and be a little different. We do have some really lovely ideas that we will share with your guys soon!

In the meantime, do keep checking our socials for all the latest stock – we currently have some beautiful items in (I have been told I am no longer allowed to ‘keep’ anything else..!) and do not forget, we do also source privately. If you have an idea of what you are after, pop us an email and we will try our best to find one for you!

Thanks again for all your continued support!
Speak soon x