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Hello everyone!

We hope all is well with you.

Home life – we don’t really share a lot on social media as we like to keep things fairly private. However quite a lot of people on our social media like to ask questions, whether it being about paint samples on our home, furnishings or they like to know what’s going on with our house.

So if you have been following us for a while, you will know that we have been in our new house for just over a year and we absolutely love it!

We love being in the countryside, we have deers’ running around and hares hopping across our gardens.
It really is a lovely place for a family, and we are so grateful to be here.

We are in the middle of finding our feet still, as we are a young family and they like to keep us on our toes!

We have just got round to painting our house, and we have picked PAINT NAME as our main colour just because we started painting it in the living room and absolutely fell in love with it, so now it’s in our dining room, toilet and bedroom. No doubt it will probably be in our kitchen and bathroom too…!

We have finally finished our flooring in our living room which was a real challenge. It took 2 full on days of sanding and it was a real messy job!
On week 2 there was dust still in the air! But it looks so much better. Not only is it less slippery, but it makes the room look a lot bigger. The people before us actually put several layers of varnish down!

We decided to leave the fireplace as it is. Although we originally wanted to lighten it up, we really like it now and it has become a lovely feature in the room.
I also recently purchased some lovely wicker baskets for the fireplace from our local antiques shop. (I actually purchased two but the other one is upstairs with some blankets inside!)

I am finally feeling like this is our home, and now the weather is warming up a bit, we can start on the garden – which is going to be the biggest job!

Any advice on how to start your own vegetable patch – get in touch!

Wish us luck!