Smudge Online

We absolutely love spring. It is one of our favourite times of the year.

Living in our farmhouse offers a sense of peace and tranquillity as it is surrounded by vast landscapes and greenery. We wake up to the sound of birds chirping and fresh air that fills your lungs as soon as you step outside. Although we love our cosy textures such as plush throws, woollen blankets and fabrics draped across our sofa, we are also looking forward to dressing our home with freshly picked flowers from our garden and lighter evenings where we can sit outside with a glass of wine and unwind.

Now our roof has finished in the showroom, we are on the hunt for some beautiful wildflowers to add to our beams, which at the moment look very tired and unloved! The old ivy is holding a lot of dust from the building work and the area needs a bit of a revamp! Back in March, we asked on our social media platforms how we can spruce up our foliage beam.

We got sent a lot of great ideas and we certainly will be trying them! However on our Instagram we were given some fantastic ideas by the lovely Kay from Kinship Creative (Insta is @kinship_creativedc). She suggested we dust the area with a damp feather duster to clean it. Then add some eucalyptus for the scent, mimosa for spring colour and pussy willow for texture and length. She also suggested adding some wax flowers for a pretty pale pink addition for spring. We will be taking her advice, along with everyone else’s suggestions and hopefully we will have a beautiful floral masterpiece…!

Fingers crossed. Kay is absolutely fantastic with adding sustainability to her designs. We were lucky to work with her a while ago, where we loaned out pieces of our stock for her to use at one of her events. It was hugely successful and we made some brilliant contacts.

We love to work with businesses that try to be as sustainable as possible.