We are smudge. Interior lovers with an ethos for environmental sustainability. Selling original, restored pieces for your home


We are smudge.

Dedicated to being as sustainable as possible, we set up our business a few years ago when we decided flat pack furniture was just not for us!
We believe that our actions must be responsible and respectful to the environment, society, and economy. . For this reason, we implement sustainable practices in every aspect of our business operations- from sourcing raw materials to product production and disposal. Mindful consumption is at our heart – buying better and buying less. We are committed to building a sustainable legacy for people and our planet.

We want things that are going to last. We understand that building a sustainable legacy is not only important for the present but also for future generations. Our commitment to sustainability is a continuous effort to make a positive impact on people and our planet. Overall, the presence of having antiques in our home creates a sense of nostalgia and history, connecting us to the past and adding character to our living space. Every single piece of our furniture is individual, you will never buy the same item twice… and for that reason is why we love antiques.

Marcus is the founder and owner of smudge. Starting as a hobby, he began to make many contacts within the Film and TV industry which led to him creating the business. With minimum restoration, Marcus enjoys antiques not over polished but for every piece to show every scratch, stain and dent. He is the sole buyer in the business.

Qualified Interior Architect and a Masters in Art, Chloe has been fortunate enough to work alongside set designers/directors within the Film and TV industry. With over 10 years of experience in retail and Interior Design, she is the one that runs our business online and our showroom. Chloe also loves to work with florals and natural materials.